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Did you know about the Bible . . . ?

Other than Jesus, the most frequently occuring names of people in the Bible, based on the number of books they appear in, are Israel (47 books), Moses (31 books), Jacob (29 books), David (28 books), and Abraham (27 books).

Some Bibles have been given special names because of a typographical error or peculiarity of vocabulary.

The second edition of the Geneva Bible, published in 1562 has been given the name the "Placemakers" Bible because it printed: "Blessed are the placemakers" instead of "peacemakers" in Matthew 5:9.



The first edition of the KJV is often called the "He" Bible because of the printing error that occurred at Ruth 3:15. Here, it reads "he went into the city" instead of "she went into the city." The corrected edition is sometimes referred to as the "She" Bible.

The 1641 edition of the KJV printed Revelation 21:1 as: "the first heaven and the first earth were passed away and there was more sea," instead of " . . . there was no more sea."

In a 1702 edition of the Bible, Psalm 119:161 substituted the word "printers" for "princes" to give the phrase: "printers have persecuted me."

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