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BIG SANDY, Texas--Wesley White announced that the Web site of his Dynamic Christian Ministries (DCM) features contact information for independent Sabbath-keeping churches throughout the United States.

"From time to time we receive questions about churches in certain cities," Mr. White said. "People plan to travel and would like a place to fellowship and worship. Or someone will have a relative in a certain city who has been away from church and needs to start attending again."

Mr. White thinks it's a good idea to visit other churches and fellowships.

"It's not going to kill a visitor to fellowship with a group that has a little different liturgy or song service," he said. "We need to make new friends, and this could be an opportunity to learn new things."

See the list at, or write Mr. White at P.O. Box 1062, Big Sandy, Texas 75755, U.S.A.


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